Prince George Alexander Louis and LK Bennett shoes

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We faced a week really emotional and exciting! The Royal baby is finally born and Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge emerged from the Lindo Wing of the St. Mary’s hospital with their little bundle onf joy, named Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge.

Now the couple is resting in Catherine parents’ home in Bucklebury and we can relax for a while. It’s seems that we will have some good pictures in a week or two, while the official ones will arrive for the christening if the baby – not before October.

Wow! What a week! 🙂

Let’s make a little photo-resume:


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If you miss the exit from the Lindo – which was really emotional, with Catherine fighting with her tears of joy – you can watch it here:

And now, as promised, my personal experience with Catherine’s favourite shoes: LK Bennett sledge patent pumps.


This shoes are incredibly beautiful, trust me. I bought them in Paris during my honeymoon and I was literally thrilled to have them. BUT… I’m sorry to make you aware of one thing: they’re not SO comfortable.
I mean, for a 10,5 cm shoe it’s really comfy, and you can wear it almost with everything. But they are a little tight fitting and you first impression will be that your foot is grasped inside them.
Using them everyday and walk in, will help you to make them fit perfectly, but you’ll have to wait.

A little advise for the ones who will buy them online: try a half size/one size larger than yours. I will do it, when I will buy the Maddox (saving money time ^_^ )





IT’S A BOY! Prince of Cambridge delivered safely

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Well, is there something else to add? It’s been sooo exciting and now we’re so happy for the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge that I think I will not write anything more.

Let’s the photos talk. And wait for the couple and the Prince of Cambridge appear from the Lindo Wing’s door. Finally.

Welcome to this world, little bundle of joy! ^_^


The birth of the Royal baby LIVE


The Duchess was admitted to St Mary’s Hospital this morning and is “in the early stages of labour”, Kensington Palace said.

She travelled by car from Kensington Palace to the private Lindo Wing of the hospital with the Duke of Cambridge by her side.

Sources confirmed that the Duchess of Cambridge arrived at the hospital at around 6am.

Kensington Palace waited until the Duchess had been seen by medical staff and was comfortable in the Lindo Wing before making the announcement. A spokesman said the Duchess was “progressing as normal”.

The Duchess had been due to give birth in mid-July, meaning she has gone into labour just over a week later than expected.

The world’s media has been staking out the hospital since the beginning of July, and more than 200 journalists, photographers and TV cameramen are expected to remain there until the Duchess leaves hospital with her baby. You can watch the live stream by clicking here

In the meanwhile let’s have a look to the excitement out of the Lindo Wing in London!

Some Catherine’s cover… waiting for the Baby’s one!

images (1)

The countdown is started. And we’re litterally dying to know if the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, will give birth to a boy or a girl.

The whole world is getting ready for the big event of the year (yes, even bigger than Princess Madeleine‘s wedding) and the paparazzi are already in front of the St. Mary Lindo Wing’s to take the best photo of  the moment the happy family will come off.
In the meanwhile, let’s have a look to some old mags cover of Catherine (of course, don’t read what they write because often it’s a lie 😀 )





A selection of Catherine related articles

We all prefer to “click and read”, it’s natural. You can find all the information on the Internet and see tons of pictures and video.
The same is when you search for news about the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine. But while you can follow our beautiful community on Facebook (click here) and enjoy a lot of photos and news (and meet  hundreds of beautiful women and men from all around the world), the magazines are still one of our favourite.
Yes, because they publish pics we’ve never seen, they say things we’ve never imagine to think (yes, it happens…) and we can share a good laugh by reading them.

Here’s a selection of Catherine related posts. I will update this page whenever it comes something new. ^_^









The royal baby is almost here!


So now we know that Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has a new hairdresser, Rossano Ferretti (so proud of our Italian in the world!) BUT we still don’t know when the royal baby is going to appear on our screens.
The private clinic where Catherine is to giving birth is preparing by not allowing any car to park in the nearby. This would be a great clue, but… they denied the park from the 1st of July to the 31.
Ok, we have to wait still. And these photographers too. ^_^


Are you organizing a party to welcome the baby? Leave a comment!



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